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Echoes : This Game is Very Large, it maybe take little bit longer to load for first time! Echoes - Operation Stranglehold Echoes is an action-based game set in an extensive universe. Taken place on a torn Earth almost three-hundred years in the future. It joins the famous Real Time Strategy genre with many elements from the Third Person Shooter genre, all in a side-scrolling environment. Controls Combat mode: - Mouse - aim, shoot - W,A,S,D - movement - Shift - sprint - Q - command, drag for select units - E - action circle - 1-6 - activate abilities - Mouse scroll - swap weapons - Z,X,C,V,B - swap weapons - Space - switch to Strategy mode P, ESC - Pause game Strategy mode: - W,A,S,D - camera movement - Shift - faster camera movement - Mouse drag - select units - Mouse click - order units to move - Ctrl + Mouse click - order units to attack-move - Hold shift while selecting units to select additional units. - Space - switch to Combat mode. - Ctrl + 1-5 to group a few units together. P, ESC - Pause game

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